A Breakthrough

By Kathrese McKee | ROW80

My WIP turned into a Work In Progress today, instead of a Work In Purgatory. I’ve made 1,000 words toward my 2,000 word goal for the week. That’s a huge relief, since I’m approximately 47,000 words into the project.

And, for Momsread.com, I’ve put in a couple of hours of research on my next topic, Book Trailers in Education. The time will have double the value, since I will probably make the topic of book trailers into another post for this blog.

I plan to make this URL into my author website. I’m still defining the content to include here, although I already know it won’t focus on the “craft of writing,” (except when I can’t resist.) Too many authors are already writing about writing. In my opinion, an author’s blog should deliver content readers want to read. And, I hope my audience will include more than other authors. So, for ROW80 purposes, I have determined the topic for one of my first five posts.

I’m behind schedule for Christ’s Reflections, but I feel so good about my WIP (that stands for Work in Progress *happy face*), my optimism has expanded to include the overdue post.

So, to recap:

  • Goal 1 – Complete 2,000 words/week for Twin Kingdoms (halfway there)
  • Goal 2 – Complete one post/week for each existing blog (halfway there)
  • Goal 3 – Complete five initial draft posts for new blog (one out of five)
  • Goal 4 – Find one guest post to write for July (Yes!)
  • Goal 5 – 4 tweets/day (Check)
  • Goal 6 – 2 comments/day on other blogs (Wrote more than last week, but needs work.)

About the Author

Texas author, Kathrese McKee, writes epic adventures for young adults and anyone else who enjoys pirates and princesses combined with life’s difficult questions. She is committed to exciting stories, appropriate content, and quality craftsmanship.

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