Business Plan Blues

By Kathrese McKee | Commentary

Planning for the new year has brought me to a critical decision. Like so many authors, I’ve reached the conclusion that the best decision I can make for my future as a writer is to self-publish. If I was supposed to write a business plan as a traditional author (I did), then it’s mandatory to write a plan for my new publishing business. Decisions. Decisions.
I’ve lost track of the number of books I’ve consumed about self-publishing over the last two years. Most recently, and perhaps most convincing of all, I read The Naked Truth About Self-Publishing by The Indie Voice authors.

The Naked Truth

The book has one of those steamy, six-pack abs covers that I won’t touch in a book store. It’s a perfectly logical cover because that’s the kind of books these authors write. In this case, you definitely can’t judge the book by its cover. The only steamy thing about this book are the chapter headings and the dollar figures.

I’m pretty certain there’s a wide divide between what these mistresses of hot romance can expect to make and what I can expect as the author of YA fantasy and alternative history books. However, I can easily believe that creating a series of well-written, well-edited books with great, professional covers and getting them into the marketplace as soon as possible will garner something tangible sooner than if I follow the traditional path. Years sooner. Perhaps even a decade sooner.

By the way, The Naked Truth is incredibly thorough, covering nearly every aspect of the new publishing marketplace. Most of the authors in this group have spent long years in the traditional marketplace. They openly discuss the cold, hard facts of their personal journeys without any get-rich-quick garbage. If you are considering making the switch to self-publishing, then you owe it to yourself to read this book.

What’s Next?

My decision to self-publish means that I must write another business plan. And I need to write at least two more books before I begin to self-publish. Why? Because I agree with Bob Mayer that it doesn’t make sense to self-publish your first book without at least two more waiting in the wings to create momentum.

The Short List

Here’s my short list of books I recommend on this topic:

  • Rise of the Machines: Human Authors in a Digital World by Kristen Lamb
  • Write it Forward: From Writer to Successful Author by Bob Mayer
  • Self-Publishing Attack! by James Scott Bell
  • The Naked Truth about Self-Publishing by the authors of The Indie Voice

I would love to hear your advice on what to include in an author’s business plan. Have a great week!

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