Have I Turned Into the ‘Mean Old Lady’?

By Kathrese McKee | ROW80


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I drove into my cul-de-sac this evening at 9:15pm. The sliver of moon did nothing to light up the velvet black sky. I aimed my truck at our driveway, but there, in the light of my low beams, was a young girl on a bicycle. She wasn’t wearing anything reflective (or a helmet), and to make matters worse, she wasn’t alone. Her little brother was on his bicycle just outside the scope of my truck’s lights. Gah!

Oh, those kids. They were the bane of my existence nearly every day I drove my son to school. Lots of children ride their bikes to his school along that road, but this pair… Let’s just say, they regularly caused me to wonder who let them out of the house without supervision. That’s mean, I know.

Have I Turned Into the ‘Mean Old Lady’?

As a Christian, I’m probably supposed to pray for these precious children. As a concerned citizen, maybe I should track down their parents and have a concerned, civilized heart-to-heart. But, my first instinct was to tell them off because they’d given me a real fright. My first instinct was to be the ‘mean old lady.’ I restrained myself for a couple of minutes as I tried to decide what to do.  The matter was decided for me when they rode off. I have no idea where they live since I only see them away from their home. On the road. Menacing society.

So, what do you think? As Dr. Seuss wrote, “”Well…what would YOU do if your mother asked you?

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