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When your travels take you into unknown territory, it pays to watch the warning signs. Life has skidded onto the shoulder, so I’m taking heed of the signs saying I need to slow down. Obsessive working is one of the signs, so even if goals are met, I press on like I’ve still got fifty million things to accomplish before tomorrow. Sometimes, this obsessive behavior makes me miss my goals because I get too focused on one project.

Writing is a passionate occupation, but the warning signs of obsession are clear. So, I’ve chosen to give myself a mini-vacation, of sorts. Every goal gets cut  or cut in half for two weeks so I can walk away for hours at a time and focus on other things like home and family.

I hope to have found a new sense of balance by the time school starts two weeks from tomorrow. Then, we’ll start a new routine with a fresh outlook.

How do you establish balance between work and your family life?

ROW80 Progress

I’m on a Monday to Sunday work week, and I only post accumulated word count on Sunday evening.

  • Goal 1 – Complete 4,000+ words/week for Twin Kingdoms (2000 for the week)*
  • Goal 2 – Complete one post for Christ’s Reflections (No)
  • Goal 3 – Complete one post for (No.)
  • Goal 4 – Complete two posts for (Done.)
  • Goal 5 – 4 tweets/day (Check.)
  • Goal 6 – 2 comments/day on other blogs (Check.)
  • Goal 7 – Read one non-fiction book/week (Yes.)

*Sunday only – Word count as of today is 64,492.

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