Turning Point: Making Choices

By Kathrese McKee | Book Recommendations

Turning points abound in life, but frequently, we don’t realize we’ve made a decision until long afterward. The Turning Point box set is about young people who face tough choices that will affect them for life.


Do you remember turning points in your life?

My youngest daughter is turning sixteen, marking a big turning point in our family’s life. She can (maybe) say yes to going on dates. She eligible to get a drivers license. She’s a high school junior, so she needs to visit colleges and think about scholarships, career options, and grades. (No pressure.)

And she’s making even bigger decisions that college, dating, and driving. My daughter is deciding what she really believes about God, herself, and what she stands for.

Looking Back

Each of us is the main character in our own life’s story, and many times, we don’t see the turning points until long after they’re made. Like when I chose band over choir. Who knew my young, fifth grade self was choosing her path for the next twelve years? (Yes, I was in band from 5th grade through four years of college.) Who knew I would become a drum major? Who would predict that I’d marry a band geek?

Little decisions resemble trickles of water joining other trickles to form streams that form rivers racing toward the ocean. One decision doesn’t seem like much, but a stream of decisions takes us relentlessly downstream.

Making Choices at a Turning Point

Turning Point Cover

Sometimes, we find ourselves going in the wrong direction or we run up against obstacles. We reach turning points, and the decisions we make at these critical junctures determine the ultimate direction for our lives.

The thing I love the most about Young Adult fiction is that it most often centers around an important turning point in the main character’s life.

The Turning Point Novels Address Spiritual Issues

I’m proud that my book, Mardan’s Mark, is part of the Turning Point box set. These seven novels revolve around characters making difficult, life-changing decisions.

Often, spiritual decisions are the hardest to make, and I’m pleased to say that the stories don’t shy away from spiritual questions, but instead take on true-to-life conflicts with spiritual implications.

Join us for Summer Book Club!

This summer, Lisa Godfrees is hosting a Summer Book Club featuring the books in the Turning Point box set. The set is only 99 cents on Amazon, and this is the link to Week One about By Darkness Hid by Jill Williamson.

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