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Writing must be driven by intent to reach excellence. Writing with intent means understanding why you write and staying attuned to that purpose.

Know Your Intent

Knowing your purpose is not the same as having a goal. Ask yourself, “Why do I write?” Be assured, this answer will change over time. My reason for writing speculative fiction has changed from entertain myself to create an inspiring YA reading experience. Your answer will be different for each kind of writing you do. My reasons for blogging are completely, almost 180 degrees away from my reasons for writing fiction. Certainly, my reasons for writing non-fiction pieces differ from my purposes for writing a novel.

“Intentional” is not the same as “With Intent”

Very few things we do have no purpose; we do most things “on purpose” or “knowingly.” Yet, often we don’t examine our reasons for what we do, so the things we do are done without intent. Writing with intent implies being in the moment, aware of your reasons, and driven to accomplish it against the odds.

Intent Is the Thin Edge Between Good and Excellent

I believe you can begin writing a book around a kernel of an idea and discover the theme along the way. If you reach the end of the work without a discovering a higher purpose for your story, I believe your efforts may be “good enough” to print, but they will never reach the realm of excellence.

In addition to being in the moment, aware, and driven, intent also implies design. Design is where heart meets head and something extraordinary is created. Writing is like cutting a diamond; it starts out ugly, but with skill and intent, it is changed into a thing of beauty.

Your purpose is like your theme. You can begin work without knowing what your purpose is, exactly, but you are more likely to achieve something transcendent when you know your purpose and work with intent–in the moment, aware, driven, and by design.

I’m still learning about writing with intent, but I would like to hear your ideas. How do you write with intent?

My ROW80 goals are restored with deadlines. I’m happy ROW80 is back. The break was unsettling because it threw off my groove. Truly, I need the accountability.

ROW80 Progress

I’m on a Monday to Sunday work week, and I only post accumulated word count on Sunday evening.

  • Goal 1 – Complete 4,000+ words/week for Twin Kingdoms by Sunday.*
  • Goal 2 – Complete one post for Christ’s Reflections by Monday.
  • Goal 3 – Complete one post for momsread.com by Thursday.
  • Goal 4 – Complete two posts for kathresemckee.com (Wednesday and Sunday)
  • Goal 5 – 4 tweets/day, every day.
  • Goal 6 – 2 comments/day on other blogs, averaged out from Monday through Sunday.
  • Goal 7 – Read one non-fiction book/week.

*Sunday only – Word count as of today is 71,218

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