Adrift by J F Rogers

By Kathrese McKee | Book Recommendations

J F Rogers discusses writing Adrift, Book II of her Ariboslia series.

Adrift by J F Rogers

This time, she’s prepared. Or is she?

Fallon returns to Ariboslia to save lives. But the creatures she wants to save want her dead. The long-awaited day has come, Fallon’s eighteenth birthday. Her chance to return to Ariboslia and aid her friends in the battle against vampire-like creatures—the fasgadair. This time, she knows what she’s up against. This time, she’s prepared.

Or is she?

Unlike last time, Fallon knows who her friends are. She knows her enemy. She knows her abilities and what her blood can do—redeem fasgadair. But how can she save a few when thousands want to destroy her?

Shortly after Fallon’s return, fasgadair overrun the last refuge and push survivors across the sea to a land from which none has ever returned. There they meet a hostile race. With enemies squeezing in on all sides, even infiltrating Fallon’s mind, she struggles to continue her quest. But if she fails to find her way back, the fasgadair will rule Ariboslia with no hope of redemption … and Fallon and her friends will die.

Adrift is the second book in the Ariboslia Christian fantasy series. If you enjoy visiting alternate worlds that feature fast-paced adventure, supernatural creatures, compelling characters, and exciting plot twists, come to Ariboslia. You’ll love this second installment in J. F. Rogers’s page-turning series.

How did you get the idea for your book?

The song “Silent Lucidity” from Queensryche first sparked the idea back in high school (looooong ago).

What is the main theme or lesson of your story?

At the highest level, the entire series is about the spiritual journey.

Does your story have a unique setting?

Yes, another realm–Ariboslia. It’s set in current day. But that is the only constant between our realm and Ariboslia…that and the megaliths. They’re the gateways.

Why did you choose to write Young Adult fiction?

Because that’s what I like to read. It’s fun. And I still have the mind of a child…

Where can readers find your book?

Find Adrift on Books 2 Read!

About J F Rogers


J. F. Rogers lives in southern Maine with her husband and daughter. She has a degree in Behavioral Science and teaches a fifth- and sixth-grade Sunday school class. When she’s not visiting Ariboslia, you can find her buried in snow or kayaking, depending on the time of year. Or at church. She’s a junk-food junkie turned health nut who believes wholeheartedly in the One True God and can say with certainty—you are loved.

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