Adventures to Read

Mardan's Mark covers

Mardan’s Mark, book 1

She would rather die than fail.

Princess Srilani is honor-bound to rescue the crown prince.

Or die trying. Because she can’t go home empty-handed. How can she know who to trust when it’s clear they have been betrayed?

When the royal heirs are abducted by pirates, their doom is sealed. They will be executed, or worse, enslaved.

Srilani is forced to make unlikely allies and life-and-death choices. A deadly storm. Impending war. Cutthroat pirates, merciless priests, and marauding soldiers.

Can she rescue her siblings and their new friends from this hostile land? Can she save her nation from annihilation?

You’ll love Mardan’s Mark, first book of this epic adventure series. Because you can’t help but root for this ragtag group of unlikely heroes on an impossible quest.

Mardan's Heir covers

Mardan’s Heir, book 2

For heroes, a happy ending is not assured.

When Aldan and Srilani return the heir safely home, they are greeted with coldness and suspicion.

Rumors plague Srilani as she resumes her First Princess duties. Friends are few, and intrigue is around every corner. Who betrayed them before their abduction? Who is plotting treachery now?

Enemies are everywhere, and Aldan desperately needs allies. Keeping his identity secret is essential, but the king is wary, his countrymen are hostile, and time is short.

Read this thrilling installment in the Mardan’s Mark epic adventure fantasy series.

Mardan's Anointed covers

Mardan’s Anointed, book 3

“You’re to blame . . .”

Princess Srilani’s father accuses her of treason and then collapses at her feet.

Now she must reign as his regent under a cloud of suspicion. Their kingdom is about to be invaded, and she must find the allies she needs to prepare for war.

Will her father recover, and if he does, what will become of her?

Can she rely on the man she has rejected to support her cause? Will her true love survive his dangerous quest?

You don’t want to miss this installment in the Mardan’s Mark saga because everyone loves a perilous medieval tale of intrigue, friendship, and courage.

Pirate's Wagers covers

Pirate’s Wager, prequel

The ultimate betrayal means freedom lost.

Everyone knows not to gamble against Captain Rozar, but Sam’s father cannot resist. And Sam pays the price.

Life as a slave aboard a pirate ship is full of danger, so Sam must watch his back and make the right friends to stay alive. Knowing who to trust is tricky, and mistakes are costly.

Can he survive until he is ransomed? And what happens if that day never comes?

You don’t want to miss this coming-of-age novella, the Mardan’s Mark prequel, because everyone loves a swashbuckling tale of brotherhood, pirates, and life on the high seas.

Healer's Curse covers

Healer’s Curse, novella

People are dying . . .

. . . but the fever rages on. When Elilan’s gift of healing fails, rumors start to swirl. She’s a witch. A fraud. Some say, a murderer. What if her gift is actually a curse?

The king assigns Elilan to care for an important prisoner, but what if her best is not good enough? Failure would mean complete disgrace. And break her heart.

You’ll love Healer’s Curse, a Mardan’s Mark novella, because you’ll enjoy this journey of self-discovery with a hint of romance set in a medieval world full of deadly political intrigue.

Flash fiction anthology

Stories so vibrant they come alive on the page.

Featuring everything from man-eating tigers to pet turtles to violet lightning, these Prismatic tales will take you to worlds both familiar and exotic. Sip high tea on the volcanic cliffs of Alpha Infernum, trigger boobytraps in a futuristic penthouse decorated in shades of blue, and help a little green man named Jamie after he crashes to earth.

Forty-nine vivid tales written for fans of science fiction, fantasy, mystery, thriller, and humor by authors from all over the world. Somewhere on these pages is an experience we hope you’ll never forget.