Pico de Gallo in Ohio

By Kathrese McKee | ROW80


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Everyone knows that Tex-Mex food outside the borders of Texas isn’t really Tex-Mex. My oldest daughter, born and raised in Texas, has been transplanted to Ohio. This week, I’ve had to take Tex-Mex to her. Thus, I missed one ROW80 check-in and most of my goals. It turns out pico de gallo (PEE ko de GUY oh – rhymes with Ohio) tastes almost the same outside of Texas–if properly made.

I’m still on my mini-vacation  through Sunday, so I don’t expect to meet goals. However, I wrote a guest post yesterday; that’s a goal I eliminated from my list a few weeks ago. Based on previous experience with the blog owner, I won’t be able to share the link for a couple of weeks. I’m happy, though, to have written for this blog again.

What do you miss the most when you leave home for more than a day? How does getting away impact your writing?

ROW80 Progress

I’m on a Monday to Sunday work week, and I only post accumulated word count on Sunday evening.

  • Goal 1 – Reduced “vacation” goal for Twin Kingdoms is 2,200 words (zero so far); however, I did some outlining. That’s going to help when the mini-vacation is over.
  • Goal 2 – Complete one post for Christ’s Reflections (Half of a draft.)
  • Goal 3 – Complete one post for momsread.com (No.)
  • Goal 4 – Complete two posts for kathresemckee.com (Missed Sunday, but here’s the first post for this week. YAY!)
  • Goal 5 – 4 tweets/day (Check.)
  • Goal 6 – 2 comments/day on other blogs (Missed this by a few.)
  • Goal 7 – Read one non-fiction book/week (Check.)

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