Pirate’s Wager

The ultimate betrayal and a wager lost.

Thirteen-year-old Samazor struggles daily to find shelter and food in Port Azor, but when his father loses a bet with an infamous pirate captain, Samazor learns his freedom is at stake.

Life as a slave on a pirate ship is full of danger, but there’s adventure, too. Abandoned and alone, Samazor must watch his back and make the right friends to stay alive. Knowing who to trust is tricky, and mistakes are costly. Can he survive until he is ransomed? And what happens if that day never comes?

Pirate’s Wager is a coming of age story, the exciting prequel to the Mardan’s Mark series, sure to delight young adults and the young at heart. Don’t miss out on this swashbuckling epic fantasy adventure about survival, brotherhood, pirates, and life on the high seas.

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"Adventure, vivid descriptions, emotion, and a good pace make this book an engaging read."

"It is a complete story that is satisfying on its own but this made me want to read more."

"Gritty without being gross, this is wonderfully well-written fantasy fare."