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The very first time someone besides myself read Mardan’s Mark, she asked if I had a list of characters she could use for reference. For fantasy novels with a large cast, I think it’s a good idea, if only to keep the characters straight. Hey, if Tolkien thought it was a good idea to provide such a list, who am I to quibble?

So here, for your reading delight, is the list of names (people, places, things, and animals) in Mardan’s Mark. The names are grouped into loosely-related categories.

I plan to add this reference list to the ebook (when I get a couple of hours of uninterrupted time) and to include it in the printed version of the book.

More than likely, I will publish an enlarged list for every book that is added to the world of the Twin Kingdoms.

And yes, I did include the animals who were named during the story. Don’t you think the wolfhound in the photo is gorgeous?

Tell me which character you liked the most (it doesn’t have to be Srilani or Aldan) and what it was that won you over. Try not to include spoilers, though.


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Reference List for Mardan’s Mark

Name Description
King Mardan Founding king of Marst, also known as the “Golden King” for his distinctive blond hair and blue eyes and his immense wealth.
Twin Kingdoms Both of the kingdoms of Marst founded by King Mardan.
Great Gulf a large sea forming the border of Norland, the Twin Kingdoms, and the Citrus Valley
Sol the sun
Solstice Festival annual holiday celebrated on the day of the summer solstice
Marstan language of the Twin Kingdoms
Histories of the Twin Kingdoms a set of official chronicles of the kings of both Northern and Southern Marst
El God of all Creation, worshiped in the Twin Kingdoms
Joel the angel, messenger from El
Separatists factions on both sides of the Marst River favoring separation of the Twin Kingdoms
The Revelations of Elison a record of Judge Elison’s prophesies

Kingdom of Southern Marst

Name Description
Kingdom of Southern Marst The kingdom given to Kaedan by his father, King Mardan of Marst. Southern Marst is one of the Twin Kingdoms. Capital city is named Kaedan. Color of choice, “Southern green.”
King Baydan King of Southern Marst, killed by an assassin’s blade.
Lady Raslan widow of King Baydan, queen mother of Southern Marst
Queen Yolani ruler of Southern Marst, daughter of King Baydan and Lady Raslan
Lord Habidan husband of Queen Yolani, ruler of the Kingdom of Southern Marst
General Zordan Lord Habidan’s older brother, chief officer of the forces of Southern Marst
Judge Jeridan deceased spiritual leader of Southern Marst, formerly King Baydan’s counselor

Kingdom of Northern Marst

Name Description
Kingdom of Northern Marst The kingdom given to Kaedan’s twin, Kaeson, by their father, King Mardan, the “golden king” of Marst. Capital city is named Kaeson. Color of choice, “Northern blue.”
King Terson current king of Northern Marst, married to Lady Kaelan, also the Baron of Kaeson
Lady Kaelan king’s consort, queen mother of Srilani, Renélan, Maelan, Jamson, and Audrilan
Prince Jamson fourth child of King Terson, younger twin to Princess Maelan, heir to the throne of Northern Marst
First Princess Srilani oldest daughter of King Terson, oldest child and second in line to the throne behind her younger brother
Princess Renélan second child of King Terson
Princess Maelan third child of King Terson, older twin to the heir, Prince Jamson
Princess Audrilan fifth child and fourth daughter of King Terson
Judge Elison spiritual leader of Northern Marst, counselor to the king, chief minister of justice
Lady Elilan great-granddaughter of Judge Elison
General Bertson chief officer of the Palace Guard of Northern Marst
Captain Olson officer in the Palace Guard of Northern Marst, later promoted to General
Captain Corson one of the senior officers in the northern Palace Guard, Baron of Merripan
Lieutenant Greyson heir to the barony of Merripan, son of Baron Corson, captain of the Palace Guard
Lady Cecilan Corson’s daughter and Greyson’s sisterAna
Hanna the daughter of the steward of Merripan
Lady Goslan Captain Corson’s cousin
Patience nurse to the royal children of Northern Marst
Jessi maid to Princess Renélan
Lady Angelan orphaned daughter of Barthson and Jocelan, Baroness of Sea Watch
Lieutenant Edson an officer and spy for Northern Marst
Captain Ahn commander of the Cauldron Fortress of Northern Marst
Leanora elderly healer stationed with the troops at the Cauldron Fortress
Lieutenant Raymon officer in the Southern Marst Palace Guard
Merripan largest barony in Northern Marst, ancestral home to the indigenous people of Marst, location of Mount Merripan
Skylark personal sailboat of King Terson
Cauldron a massive caldera (volcanic basin), long dormant, pitted with fumaroles (vents), some of which emit sulfurous gases
Rhynder River river forming the border between Norland and Northern Marst across the Cauldron (caldera) from the Cauldron Fortress


Name Description
Norland land at the north border of Northern Marst, all pirates welcome
Norlan language of Norland, term used to describe anything related to Norland
Azor alligator god of Norland
King Dzor king of Norland
Cathartid Captain Rozar’s pirate ship
Captain Rozar Norlan pirate, Captain of the Cathartid
Mirza witch of Azor
Aldan Captain Rozar’s slave, of Marstan descent, taken captive at age seven
Sam Captain Rozar’s slave, of Norlan descent, given to Rozar by his father at age twelve, as settlement of gambling debts
Linus Captain Rozar’s slave, taken captive at age four, of unknown descent
Fratz crewmember aboard the Cathartid
Biscuits cook aboard the Cathartid
Scar First Mate of the Cathartid
Nik miller on the Trahn River
Drajna Nik’s wife
Soshi Nik and Drajna’s married daughter
Lector head guardian of the Minazor temple
Telek chief priest of Azor in Minazor
Bolz a guardian priest
Triz the Tinker a tinker from Norland
Falcon a rival pirate ship of the Cathartid
Port Azor capital city of Norland with a deep port
The Hole a secluded bay on Norland’s coast, east of the Trahn River and Port Azor
Trahn River longest, widest river in Norland, effectively dividing the eastern third of the country from the western majority
Trahnville a village near Nik’s mill; obliterated by the hurricane
Minazor largest Norlan city east of the Trahn River, a stronghold of Azor’s priesthood, major trading hub
Gan a village between the larger towns of Minazor and Dullon Bridge
Dullon Bridge a fortress town in Norland named after its bridge over the Trahn River


Name Description
Midnight Star black mare
Sol’s Light King Terson’s prize stallion
Stockings a mare, formerly owned by the baker in Trahnville
Victor Sam’s black gelding, Aldan brought the horse out of Minazor
Flame Aldan’s bay gelding
Stella Srilani’s cremello mare
Kazka Linus’s wolfhound

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