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Writing Your Synopsis

If you are seeking traditional publication, your synopsis may (or may not) unlock the door to finding an agent or a publisher.

Even if you plan to self-publish, your synopsis is a valuable, not-to-be-missed part of the writing and refining process.

Why? Because it will help you discover the weaknesses in your story.

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Your First Chapter

Your First Chapter

The goal for your first chapter is to bond the reader to the main character and entice them to continue reading. Your first chapter sets expectations for the reader and pulls the reader in to the story. There is a comprehensive checklist at the back of this brochure.

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Deep Point of View Manual

One problem for fiction authors is shallow vs. deep point of view (POV). Deep POV is a difficult concept to grasp at first. Even when you "get it," shallow POV sneaks back in. But achieving deep POV is worth the effort! It ramps up your story and hooks your readers like nothing else.

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Writer's Toolbox vintage

Writer's Toolbox

Over 130 resources for authors. Take advantage of years of research at your fingertips.

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