September 2016 #WIPjoy Days 1-5

By Kathrese McKee | Feature

This blog post is written in response to the #WIPJoy challenge issued by Bethany Jennings. We are fellow Realm Maker Conference alumni, aka Realmies. Each day of September, I am supposed to answer a particular question pertaining to my current WIP (that’s Work In Progress for you non-writerly folks).

Since this gave me the perfect excuse to start blogging again, I am happy to take the challenge. However, you may have noticed that I’m already a few days behind the curve. I'm playing catch up.

DAY 1: Tell us about your WIP.

My current WIP is Mardan’s Anointed.

Mardan's Anointed is the second, full-length novel in the Mardan’s Mark epic fantasy adventure series for Young Adults, and it takes up the story of Aldan and Srilani right where the first book left off.

Check out the back cover copy.

How do you like that?

The story continues. . . Circumstances part Aldan and Srilani from one another. Violence threatens, and lives are at stake. Aldan returns to the land of his birth to overthrow a tyrant, but first, he needs an army. Srilani returns home to an uncertain welcome, but then she must rule in her father’s stead. War is inevitable and sacrifices are required of Mardan’s Anointed. Book Two in the Mardan’s Mark series.

DAY 2: What stage are you at with the project?

I am writing the last 10K words which will inevitably stretch to 15K words and then have to be cut back. Haha. I’m sure every author can relate.

DAY 3: Describe your WIP with 5 verbs.

Here they are in no particular order: climb, search, race, fight, sail

DAY 4: What emotions do you evoke with your setting?

You’ll have to decide the answer for yourself.

One of the settings in my book is Embry Island located in the Great Gulf off the coast of Southern Marst. (That tells you so much, doesn’t it?) Embry is a prison where political prisoners are kept. Read the excerpt below.

Up close, the mountainous terrain, covered as it was with trees, vines, and scrub brush, rose above them in a steep incline, black and gray basalt showing through the breaks in the vegetation.

Sol’s heat beat down on them, made bearable only by the sea breeze. Thousands of sea birds nested in the many crevices, creating a constant clatter with their wild calls.

“Look lively, there!” Captain Duggan and his first mate scrambled to make the best of the dying breeze as they entered the leeward side of the island, shouting orders to his men to adjust the sails.

The temperature rose accordingly due to the mountain’s blackened face reflecting the late afternoon sunlight at full force. The land flattened out, stretching out in a long spur, making room for the prison which actually was an extension of the last outcropping at the volcano’s base.

CC: Paulo Valdivieso on

DAY 5: Share a line with a detail of your protagonist’s past.

Okay, since the excerpt for Day 4 concerned Aldan, let me share an excerpt for Srilani. This father and daughter have some unresolved misunderstandings, but no matter how they disagree, he tries very hard to be a good father.

Her father laid aside the scroll on her bedside table and leaned forward, pushing the curtain open. "I wasn't finished talking to you.” His hazel eyes glinted in the candle's light, and his voice was rough with fatigue.

"Oh." After all her fiery words at dinner, she couldn’t form a single response.

The last time Father had sat by her bed, she had been about seven. That time, she’d been very ill with a high fever, and looking back, her parents must have been afraid she would die. Father had taken turns with Mother, one or the other constantly in attendance until her fever broke.

This father and daughter have some unresolved issues, but no matter how they disagree, he tries very hard to be a good father.

That's it for today. I hope you've enjoyed getting a peek at Mardan's Anointed. 

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Check back tomorrow for more questions and answers.

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