Book Kathrese as Your Speaker

Author, editor, and teacher, Kathrese McKee is the perfect choice for your classroom book talk or your conference speaker. She makes technical topics accessible and is adept at setting audiences at ease.

Kathrese McKee taught middle school Reading and ESL in Cypress-Fairbanks ISD in Houston, TX for four years. She is particularly fond of speaking to middle school and high school students about book topics and writing either in person (within a reasonable distance from Houston) or via Skype.

She is dedicated to creating exciting stories for Young Adults that are appropriate, challenging, and well-written.

In addition to writing fiction, Kathrese is an experienced fiction editor available to speak at conferences and special events.

Please see her Media page for bios of all lengths. Thank you.




This presentation is especially appropriate for the classroom setting for those studying Creative Writing. Topics that are covered include: actions/reactions, dialogue, details the character notices, word choice, body language, thoughts, comparison to others, and physical description (last place choice). Excellent chances for discussion.

Nuts & Bolts of Indie Publishing

This presentation is an introduction to the basics of Indie Publishing, including: Business Plans, Tools, Marketing and Distribution, and creating a Support System.

Story Structure

This presentation is appropriate for all audiences above elementary, including adult classes.