Star Wars, Still My Favorite

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Copyright 2013 Kathrese McKee

Copyright 2013 Kathrese McKee

My first date ever was back in the days when the first ever Star Wars movie came out. Back then, it was just Star Wars, not Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope. I know this sounds cruel, but I don’t remember his name. All I remember is the movie. Star Wars had it all: an epic story, epic special effects, and truly epic music. It was the first movie I ever paid to see multiple times. I also bought the VHS. And the DVD. Eventually, I’ll buy the Blu-Ray edition, and whatever format comes next.

My second almost-boyfriend took me to see Flash Gordon. The best thing about that movie was the really retro theater where it was showing.

Yeah, for those of you who are checking release dates, it WAS a long time between boyfriends, but I didn’t do the “going steady” thing. What was the point? I was born old, and those boys were too young for me. All the boys were too young for me, even the older ones. The only thing I had in common with my would-be boyfriends was a love for science fiction space fantasies.

Thankfully, this is also something I have in common with my husband. We’ve seen all of the big space fantasy films made since then, but Star Wars (A New Hope), is still my favorite. I love Luke Skywalker’s coming-of-age story and Princess Leia’s spunky attitude. Love Yoda I do. And, of course, I adore that bad boy, Han Solo and his walking carpet friend.

As an author, this movie gives me hope–no pun intended–because it put story first. Regardless of having the best music in all the galaxies and great special effects, it would have been an abysmal failure without the bright and memorable characters, the engaging plot, and the dark, three-dimensional villain. Story comes first.

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