Sword of Decision by Anne H. Campbell

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kathresemckee.comSword of Decision by Anne H. Campbell is the exciting fantasy sequel to Sword of Deliverance. Isn’t the cover lovely? If you enjoy stories with a historical, medieval flare or tales about swords and sorcery, this fantasy novel will thrill you.

Two swords. One of bondage and darkness. One of freedom and light.

He’s a former assassin tormented by his brutal past. She’s the survivor of a harrowing ordeal, now bereft of her parents.

Brandan the Butcher wants to establish himself as lord of his ancestral castle and live in peace with Meredyth. But the mysterious Morfran schemes to ensnare his soul, and lords who cannot forget Brandan’s atrocities unite to prevent his rise to power. How can he prevail against them without resorting to bloodshed and losing the woman he loves?

Meredyth, despite her love for Brandan, fears he can’t overcome his penchant for violence. So she returns to her manor, hoping for a settled life, but her servants resist her efforts to oversee the estate. Then a rejected suitor shows up, ripe for revenge. Who will rally around her to foil his devious plan?

Their future balances on the edge of the Sword of Decision.

What’s the main theme or lesson of your story?

Not only do we need to accept the forgiveness of others (the theme of Deliverance), but we need to forgive ourselves in order to be set free from the psychological and emotional wounds of a sinful past.

Why did you choose to write Young Adult fiction?

Young adults are at a pivotal point in their lives in which they are formulating their worldview and finding their moral bearings. I wanted to write novels that counteract some of the amoral (at best) trends I see in young adult fantasy. I also think the theme of Decision in particular is relevant as young people who go into the military leave behind a world of moral practices and enter one where the choices they face are ambiguous with no clear-cut right or wrong.

Where can your readers find your books?

Amazon: ebook and print https://www.amazon.com/dpB07HYGF3VR
Barnes and Noble: ebook https://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/2940161627341
Also available from Apple Books.


Anne H. Campbell grew up on a farm in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where she was able to indulge in her childhood passion for horses. She then went west to California to attend UCLA, majoring in English. After graduating, she returned to the East and earned a master’s degree, taught high school English, and developed assessments for a major educational testing company. The yen to go west again took her to New Mexico, where she taught humanities at the tribal college of the Navajo Nation. She is now retired and back in New Jersey, enjoying the freedom to write, read, frequent local organic farm markets, and do whatever else her heart desires.

Find out more about her at https://annehcampbell.com/.

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