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By Kathrese McKee | Feature , Interview

Today, I welcome Jill Williamson to my site to discuss her upcoming project, the RoboTales series of children’s chapter books. As you know, this site is usually dedicated to Young Adult speculative fiction. But our readers have to discover science fiction and fantasy somehow; what better way than for young readers to find our books […]

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Nevermore: The Power of Words

By Kathrese McKee | Feature

Words have power. So much power. Words hurt, heal, bolster the ego, or kill the spirit. Be careful, my dear ones, to use them for good and nevermore for evil. Warehouse 13I was reminded of this last night when I watched Episode 11 of Warehouse 13, entitled “Nevermore.” You guessed it — the supernatural objects […]

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Business Plan Blues

By Kathrese McKee | Commentary , Feature

Planning for the new year has brought me to a critical decision. Like so many authors, I’ve reached the conclusion that the best decision I can make for my future as a writer is to self-publish. If I was supposed to write a business plan as a traditional author (I did), then it’s mandatory to […]

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