The Agony of Making Progress

By Kathrese McKee | Feature

Today, I reached the tipping point of 95% on my current book, Mardan's Anointed. Progress has been agonizingly slow on this novel, and I haven't let myself believe that I was kinda sorta nearly almost there until now.

For one thing, the book has far exceeded my initial target word count. For another, I knew how it ended, but getting there took longer than expected.

So at 50%, I wasn't able to believe I had reached the tipping point. Even at 75%, the peaks of the Misty Mountains seemed far away. Finally, I can say I've crossed over the High Pass, and there are no orcs in sight.

The Agony of Making Progress

All LOTR references aside, writing a book is an exercise in agony and delayed gratification. You want it to be over and done, but you want it to be right. The longer the story is, the harder it is to "land."

I often think of my book as a terribly large airplane with hundreds of passengers aboard that I must fly to its next destination. And then I have to land it safely on a treacherous, cliffside runway.

Plotter, Pantser, Puzzler

I dream of becoming a plotter someday, and I dread falling into the arena of the pantser (for lions lurk there). I think the reality for me is closer to something in between; I'm a puzzler. I know the main plot points, but somehow, I have to puzzle out how to get closer to my destination every day.

Yeah, sometimes, the plotting gets really thin as you can see from the little screen shot below.

News for this Week

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How do you cope when you're working on a large project and you have to stay positive for a long time?

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