Turning Point


Thank You for Reading Mardan’s Mark (Book One)

Thank you for reading Mardan's Mark in the Turning Point box set of Inspirational Young Adult novels. If you haven't yet had the opportunity to read the rest of the stories, make sure you do! You won't be disappointed. Here's a link to my post about the novels in the box set: Turning Point Box Set of Summer Reading.

What’s Next?

You'll be happy to know that there's a companion novella to Mardan's Mark that covers the story "back at home" in Kaeson during the time of Book One. My hope is that Healer's Curse will help you wait for the rest of the story. Funny thing is, you can read the novella and Book One in any order; there's no spoilers not already covered in the back cover information.

Healers Curse 3D

Healer’s Curse

Healer's Curse is the story of Lady Elilan, who has the gift of healing. The only problem is that two of the people she loves best in the world die under her care. And people believe she purposely withheld her gift. Is her gift a curse in disguise?